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Clara Schumann: Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 17; Robert Schumann: Piano Trio in D Minor, Op. 63

The Castle Trio (Lambert Orkis, fortepiano; Marilyn McDonald, violin; Kenneth Slowik, violoncello)

FoM 36-801

This CD presents two of the finest chamber works by Clara and Robert Schumann, whose sixteen-year-long marriage was the commingling of the shared musical experience, complimentary creative requirements, and physical and emotional dependencies of two of Germany’s finest Romantic-era musicians. Created within a year of each other, the two trios on this disk were frequently paired on 19th-century concert programs. While most present-day discussions of Robert Schumann’s D minor trio point out the difficulty of balancing the active piano part against the strings, just as most descriptions of his symphonies mention their “thick,” “turgid,” or “opaque” instrumentation, the Castle Trio avoids such issues by using instruments similar to those available to the Schumanns: a parallel-strung J. B. Streicher piano of 1846, and gut-strung violin (Andrea Guarneri, 1670) and cello (Carlo Antonio Testore, ca. 1730).

Listen to the Andante from Clara Schumann’s Trio in G Minor, Op. 17

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We're fortunate to have this Smithsonian FoM CD of the husband-and-wife Trios, performed on period instruments by the Castle Trio with all due affection, making the program probably as close to the one heard in the Schumann home as we'll get. There's a pleasantly solid impact that helps with the realism, and the sound is cushy and comfortable, complementing the period instruments, which do, in fact, sound splendid, with an excellent balance.

- Classical Candor
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On this album: 

Clara Schumann: Trio in G Minor, Op. 15 (1846)

[1] Allegro moderato

[2] Scherzo. Tempo di Menuet

[3] Andante

[4] Allegretto

Robert Schumann: Trio in D Minor, Op. 63 (1847)

[5] Mit Energie und Leidenschaft

[6] Lebhaft, doch nicht zu rasch

[7] Langsam, mit inniger Empfindung

[8] Mit Feuer