Great Instruments with Great Stories

Rovatti was born in Italy in 1861 and trained there as a pupil of Joseph and Enrico Rocca. He emigrated to Argentina in 1885, producing about 1,000 violins, viola, cellos, and guitars before his death in 1931. This particular cello was the property of Ennio Bolognini (1893-1979... More
The Stradivarius cello of 1701, known as the Servais, is unquestionably among the jewels of the Smithsonian’s collection. It is a magnificent instrument of incredible visual beauty, robust and bold in overall conception, yet refined in myriad details. Although it has had... More
This beautiful violin bears a label identifying it as the work of Nicolò Amati, the son of Hieronymus and nephew of Antonio Amati, who are known as “the brothers Amati” [Nicolaus Amatus Cremonen. Hieronymi Fil. ac Antonij Nepos Fecit 1670]. However, no recent... More